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The Use Of Wikis In SEO

A lot is made of the importance of quantity when it comes to placing backlinks online. Not for no reason; the more visible you are the better your chances of attracting traffic. On the other hand, visibility is not merely about how many places you are seen in, but also how many people stand to see you in a particular place. One link in a prominent, credible spot is worth twenty randomly placed. One of the most credible places you can put your backlink is on a Wiki site, including a subject specific one.

The main Wiki site is, of course, Wikipedia. Like all Wiki sites, it is open to editing by the general public and in so doing, people can place referenced links to strengthen the credibility of their post. It is possible to place links to your own site on a relevant Wiki post, although it should be noted that the fabled unreliability and weakness of Wikipedia is a serious misrepresentation. An irrelevant link to a site with bad credibility will not survive long before being edited away.

On the other hand, if you maintain a good site and carry good, relevant information, then your backlink can remain indefinitely on one of the most used sites on the internet. Further to this, there are numerous Wiki sites on a range of subjects which also rank highly on search engines. Knowing how to harness these can lead to a major increase in your traffic and SERP.


  • High quality articles written by native writer with your given keywords
  • 100% Readable Spun Version of articles from original article
  • Submission to Wiki Sites


Wiki Junior : 100 Wiki Pages - $35 - 7-8 Day
Wiki Senior : 250 Wiki Pages - $70 - 10-12 Days
Wiki Master : 500 Wiki Pages - $125 - 14-15 Days

Free: Wiki Junior 1 Article, Wiki Senior 2 Articles & Wiki Master 3 Articles


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