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How You Benefit From Web 2.0 Properties

When the internet first gained mass market interest, the effect it had was much like a large global library; you could read, research and discover but you couldn't really participate. Now the web is more like a global village, with a marketplace, debating chambers and, most strikingly, social facilities. Rather than a resource, the internet is now an exchange in which we participate every day - exchanging ideas, money and more through the power of the web. This participatory element is what makes up the idea of Web 2.0 - the second, more tech savvy generation.

With Web 2.0, it is easy for any of us to put something of our own on to the net, to potentially be seen by anyone who finds it. It also allows us to interact with other, similar sites and, the more it develops, the more use it can be in an SEO capacity. We can create sub sites using services such as Squidoo, through which we can create links for our main site and concentrate the sub sites on separate aspects of our service. Having these links will boost search engine rankings, while the sub pages allow you to qualify your leads.

To successfully use Web 2.0 products, it is necessary to have a sound plan and an idea of how everything will be linked together. But if you know how to use the Web, then you can get the full benefit of Web 2.0 in a very short space of time.


  • High quality article written by native writer with your given keywords.
  • 100% Readable Spun Version of articles from original article.
  • Submission to top web2.0/blog websites.
  • Each property will have random bookmarks - 50+ (Junior), 100+(Senior) & 250+(Master) Social Bookmarks + Free Pinging of all pages.


Junior : 25 Web2.0/Blog Pages - $25 - 7-8 Days
Senior : 50 Web2.0/Blog Pages - $40 - 10-12 Days
Master : 100 Web2.0/Blog Pages - $75 - 14-15 Days


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  • You will get Web2.0/Blog Pages Report
  • Social Bookmarking Report

Monthly Recurring Packages For Same Project:

Junior : 25 Web2.0/Blog Pages - First Month: $25 Second Month Onwards: $20
Senior : 50 Web2.0/Blog Pages - First Month: $40 Second Month Onwards: $35
Master : 100 Web2.0/Blog Pages - First Month: $75 Second Month Onwards: $65

How to Order?

Please send your order details through Contact Form. You can also send mail to imkingseo [@] gmail.com or dollarsjug [@] gmail.com for all your queries related to our packages.We will review each and every order, after that we will take the payment. Bulk orders will have special discounts.

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