High Quality Manual Directory Submission Service!

How Directory Submissions Increase Traffic

To attract foot traffic, one thing that bricks and mortar businesses have to do is get their faces out there and build a relationship with the community. You can't be the best in the business if no-one knows who you are. It's easy enough to do in the town centre, but how do you do this on the internet? One way which works well is submitting your website to non-reciprocal, search engine friendly directories which send visitors your way. These sites are a good way of attracting search engine traffic.

With directory submission service, you are spared the effort of going to every directory - of which there are thousands online - and manually submitting your site to each and every one of them. The service will take care of submitting you in the correct category, and gives the search engines a chance to see your site listed all over the internet. It is the online equivalent of getting your face out there and creating a wider presence.

Because of the way directories work, your site will benefit in a number of ways from being correctly listed in a directory. First of all, it guarantees targeted traffic coming from those directories, customers who already need what you can give them. Additionally, these listings are one-way links, which is something the search engines are looking for. You don't have to worry about persuading someone to do a link exchange, because this way is simpler and more effective.

One way link building -> Search Rankings -> Free Traffic -> Your Site goals

Importance of One-way Link Building:

Directory Submission Link building is a unique & natural way to build quality one way backlinks (No Reciprocal) to your website. Our Professional directory submission service leads to one way link building to your website which brings your site with more back links for particular keyword, hence increase in search engine rankings which brings free traffic from search engine meets your site goals.

Attention: Don't go for low priced submission services. Manual directory submission takes time and effort. Those who offer for very very low prices will be using software to submit. It is impossible to do manually for the price they are offering and also software doesn't know many guidelines. Some services won't do email confirmations and won't provide detailed report along with submission details. So, BEWARE of companies who offer to submit your site at unreasonably low rates.Those who offer to submit your site to "1,000 web directories for only $10-$15" may actually submit it to link farms and free-for-all sites using software, results in risking search engine penalties towards your website.

Regarding Our Directory Submission Service:

We have team of experts who will submit your site to quality directories as per your submission guidelines. All these are special packages where all high approval directories are included.

Features of Our Package:

  1. Creation of your Email Account
  2. Creation of directory submission account and activations
  3. We will submit your site manually to web directories. We don't use any script or advanced software for directory submission. We Confirm All Incoming Mails.
  4. Present you the Entire Directories URLs where your site has been submitted in the web directories.
  5. Submit using a variety of anchor text. One shouldn't submit using only single anchor text as it is regard as abnormal link building process by search engines.
  6. Your website will be submitted to the most suitable class in the web directory.
  7. Final report after completion of directory submission services.

High-lights of our Service:

  • Carefully Selected PR0 - PR8 Quality Directories Lists ( NO FFA, CLASSIFIEDS , GUEST BOOKS)
  • Search Engine Friendly Directories - ( NO LINK BACK REQUIRED)
  • You will get more than 800 Incoming mails.
  • Fast Indexing Directories & Maximum Approval Rate.
1000 Directory Submission Package - Actual Price - $60 - 12-13 Days
1500 Directory Submission Package - Actual Price - $75 - 14-15 Days
2000 Directory Submission Package - Actual Price - $95 - 15-16 Days
3000 Directory Submission Package - Actual Price - $135 - 16-17 Days
6000 Directory Submission Package - Actual Price - $220 - 25-30 Days

Guaranteed Directory Links Packages:

Highlights of Our Guaranteed Directory Links Service

  • 100% One Way, Regular and Permanent Links.
  • All Submissions are done by professional & experienced team.
  • Multiple Titles & Descriptions Are Allowed.
  • You will get the complete report along with where your link exists in particular directory.
  • Each approved directory link page will be pinged for faster indexing.
PACK100GDS: 100 Guaranteed Directory Links -- $70 -- 10-12 Days
PACK200GDS: 200 Guaranteed Directory Links -- $130 -- 14-16 Days
PACK300GDS: 300 Guaranteed Directory Links -- $190 -- 18-20 Days
PACK400GDS: 400 Guaranteed Directory Links -- $240 -- 22-24 Days
PACK500GDS: 500 Guaranteed Directory Links -- $290 -- 26-30 Days

Required submission details:

  1. First & Last Name:
  2. Contact Address: Optional
  3. Website Url:
  4. Deep Links with titles: Optional
  5. Titles: Provide min. 3 titles
  6. Descriptions: Provide min. 3 desc.
  7. Keywords: 5-10 keywords
  8. Category:
  9. Target Regions:
  10. Your contact email: To send the final report. We won't use this for directory submissions.
Payment Mode: Paypal

How to Order?

Please send your order details through Contact Form. You can also send mail to imkingseo [@] gmail.com or dollarsjug [@] gmail.com for all your queries related to our packages.For reference - http://www.myrankbooster.com/link-wheel-package.html .We will review each and every order, after that we will take the payment. Bulk orders will have special discounts.

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