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Getting a Traffic Boost From Article Submissions

Whether your business is located in the centre of town or in some corner of the internet, it can always benefit from having customers pushed towards it. Creating a buzz is essential if you want your business to be the one people come to when they need something you can provide. Article directories on the internet are one way of painting your business in a positive light while telling people a bit more about your business and yourself. This is a sure way of creating "warm leads" - people who won't need much convincing to become customers.

If you have one sentence in which to make your business sound great, it's harder to do than you might expect. How do you encapsulate what you do, what makes you unique and why you do it in such a small number of words? Whereas an article gives you the chance to underline your experience, your customer service, and the quality of your business without having to be too abrupt and clinical about it.

Article directories also include a section called the "author resource" which is a specific chance to sell yourself as well as your business. By building a solid article base, you can ensure that people who are interested in a service like yours will find out about you, and can be directed straight to the section of your website where they are likely to find what they are looking for. This is the way to meet your target audience.

Features of our Service:

  1. Unique email account creation
  2. Article account creation
  3. Account validating & Manual Publishing
  4. Accounts can be used for future article submissions
  5. Detailed Report after completion of work

Article Submission Packages:

Pack A: 100 Article Directory Submissions - $45 - One Free 400+ word article - 10 days
Pack B: 200 Article Directory Submissions - $75 - Two Free 400+ word articles - 12 days
Pack C: 300 Article Directory Submissions - $95 - Two Free 400+ word articles - 15 days
Pack D: 500 Article Directory Submissions - $115 - Two Free 400+ word articles - 18 days


For Pack A One Free article will be submitted to 100 Article directories, For Pack B Two Free articles will be submitted to 100 Article directories, Pack C Two Free articles will be submitted to 150 Article directories and Pack D Two Free articles will be submitted to 250 Article directories.

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Please send your order details through Contact Form. You can also send mail to imkingseo [@] gmail.com or dollarsjug [@] gmail.com for all your queries related to our packages.For reference - http://www.myrankbooster.com/link-wheel-package.html .We will review each and every order, after that we will take the payment. Bulk orders will have special discounts.

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